Deafening silence.
I'm Edgar, college student in my home state of Oregon.
I hope you reading this means that you're doing well.
If you follow me then you'll see I have some shining moments in life. They may be far in between, but they still shine.
I hope your life is beautiful.



six word autobiography: “fuck goddamnit i fucked up so bad”

guys i specifically made that sentence seven words long so someone could comment “but thats seven words” and i could say “fuck i did it again i fucked up” so we could all have a good laugh but no one said it. yall fucked up. i fucked up because i assumed yall wouldnt fuck up. everythings fucked up

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And I’m here laying down with my mind racing at 6000 miles an hour trying to figure out where did it all go wrong. Where did I go wrong. Where did we go wrong. I miss us.

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